our hot cheese experience.

Dating from the year 1291 in the Alpine regions of Switzerland and France, Raclette (derived from the word Racler – meaning to scrape) is food theater that roasts a variety of fatty Raclette cheeses under fire and scrapes it over creamy new potatoes, baguette and other vessels.  As is tradition, cornichons and pickled onions are always served on the side.

​Fire and Scrape is offering Raclette in Seattle in a number of locations including farmers markets,  wineries and breweries and catering functions.  It’s simply amazing.

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our cheesehounds.


We are lovers of cheese and are sharing that with the Pacific Northwest.  We like to have fun, we like to work hard in the pursuit of cheese puns and we like to be professional for your formal event. Moreover, each is trained on the origins of raclette, its melting profiles, its tasting notes and pairings. For your event, we are happy to give a small presentation around the origins of this delectable dish if desired.

If you have a similar passion for cheese, please reach out and inquire about various roles on our team as we are constantly expanding.



in the media.


“Fire and Scrape Brings Raclette to the Fremont Sunday Market…food theater in the purest sense.  Also: hot, melted cheese”


“This Mobile Melted Cheese Vendor is Exactly What We Needed..Raclette slinging Fire and Scrape lures passerby with the promise of melted cheese”



“The Cheese Gods have Graced Seattle with the Melty Goodness”

where to get your cheese on.

bringing raclette to you in a variety of ways.

Whether you want to enjoy your raclette outside during the summer at our markets and festivals or sitting down in a warm pub during the winter months with a glass of wine, we have you covered.   

host your own raclette party or let us do it.

Let us bring the party to you.  We have a variety of options from an appetizer hour to a fully catered event.  Feeling adventurous?  Ask about our ‘raclette party in a box’ options!


We are in a variety of regular spots all over the Seattle metro area including farmers markets, breweries, wineries and festivals.  Please check out of Facebook page for all current and future events.  We hope to scrape cheese with you soon!